New Name, New Blog

A brand new identity deserves a brand new blog, and here it is.

It has taken me forever to come up with a pen name for myself, but now that I’ve made a serious commitment to finishing and publishing my novel, it was about time to get settled on one. Why, you ask, is it necessary to have a pen name? Maybe it’s not, but I’m the kind of person who values privacy and besides my real name is one of those awkward Scandinavian names that are impossible for English-speakers to pronounce correctly.

So, new name, new blog.

E.M. Weaver is the name I came up with. E is for Ellen, and I chose it for several reasons: my mother’s name was Ellen. Two of my greatest heroes are named Ellen (DeGeneres and Ripley) and it’s a name that is pronounceable in most languages without much difference. The M is mostly for show, I admit. Because I wanted to use initials and I like the two initials followed by a last name format. But yes, again, the M comes back to my mother, whose middle name was Marie.

For the last name – Weaver – we return to the magnificent Ellen Ripley and the gorgeous woman who portrayed her: Sigourney Weaver. I straight-up stole it from there, but after giving it some thought, it also makes sense in the way of weaving a story, making all the threads come together in an interesting and compelling tapestry.

So there you have it. The story of how I became E.M. Weaver and why this new blog had to happen.

As for what I’ll post here? There will be progress updates on my novel, possibly little flash fiction stories and maybe once in a while some more personal stuff. Time will tell. But I hope that those of you who stumbled on this place will enjoy what ends up here.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I still have some work to do to set this blog up properly.